Portrait of a Bog Creature (me)
Yes, this is in fact what I look like in real life.

Why hello there!

I’m a visual artist and webcomic author living in New Jersey. My forte is fantastical/sci-fi landscapes and backgrounds, but I’ve worked in many different styles and formats from oil painting to 3D modeling, from photo-manipulation to pixel art. Programs I’m knowledgeable in include Adobe Photoshop, OpenToonz, Toon Boom Harmony, Maya, Blender, and LMMS. I’m currently working as an artist for the games Vermillion Descent and Flipside.

Since 2017 I’ve been working on a webcomic called “The Tapestry”, which is about 1100 pages at the time of writing. Besides my own enjoyment, the purpose of making this comic has been to experiment with a bunch of different media and art styles, all while aiming to maintain a (relatively) consistent output.

I’ve been playing around with multimedia art and storytelling for a while. From roughly 2009 to 2017, I made a series of science fiction stories using Spore’s Adventure Editor tool. Building virtual sets, designing alien species, and writing dialogue. A video compilation of these stories can be found on my home page.

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